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General knowledge

General knowledge 


How to store the ink cartridge

Ink cartridges should be put in the environment of normal temperature, no direct sun shine and other hot resources. Don't open the package and tear air hole seal before using, install the cartridge as soon as possible once you open the package or will affect the print performance. You are request to use the cartridge within six month after installation.

How to install the ink cartridges

Once ink used up signal glinting that means the ink will be used up soon, but printer still can work normally with the remaining ink. Once the lighting stop, you should replace the ink cartridge immediately. Please follow the instruction book to tear up the air hole seal only and install it or will cause the ink leakage. Normally you should clean the printer head before the new cartridge comes to work. Any doubt of quality, pls draw out the cartridge, seal it with plastic bag then contact local distributor for help.

Who affects the printing performance?

Print medium and DPI---different brand paper, different quality act different performance. Different DPI you chose, different performance you have.




In order to makes your toner cartridge can work normally, we suggest

1. Put your laser printer in air conditional environment.

2. Install cartridge into laser printer with correct direction

3. Don't open the light anti cover & touch sensitive surface.

4. Don't shake and rotate the sensitive drum.

Normal defaults of toner cartridge.

1. Powder leakage, it is because of powder accumulated on magnetic stick during the transportation and working. Simple solution is turn around the drum in clockwise direction.

2. More than 1cm width longitudinal darkness track in the printing file. It is usually being thought of powder leakage, in fact it is sth wrong with the scrape board.

3. Slim longitudinal darkness line in the file, it is caused by dirty objects and small piece paper on the scraper.

4. Latitudinal darkness line, it is because of powder gathering on the magnetic stick, just turn around the clockwise. Problem will be solved.

5. Grey shadow on the file, it means the drum chip and powder wrong.

6. Printing colors dis-equilibrate and with obviously white track. That means the powder has been used up.

7. Blank paper appears when you printing, you may need check the printer first, if it is good then there should be sth wrong for toner installation.

Toner cartridge installation

Take out the toner from the package, draw out the seal completely then rotate the toner shaft makes the powder equally on the toner.

Parallel lines defect---normally it means little powder in the toner, take out the toner, shake it left and right and re install it, problem will be solved, if the parallel lines appear again, you may need use new toner.

Methods to handle paper jam--- Open the printer cover, take out the toner, move the left side green






The important role of ribbon

   It is easy to see from the physical structure of printer that needle style printers are using the dot matrix needle on the printer head to knock the ribbon and leave the ink on the paper. Obviously, the ribbon acts important role in printing. So the quality of ribbon will directly cause different printing performance and printer head life. Let's use the following formula to express the relation ship between the ribbon and needle printer.

The most importance factor affect the printing performance and printer life is the quality of ribbon. It is easy to neglect by user. It is often to see rugate ribbon is kept to work by lots of user with cost saving excuse, it seems they forget disorderly using rugate ribbon will damage the printer head and will cost their more later. Normally high quality ribbon can print more than 3 million characters. But the bad one can just print 100k-200k characters. So it is very important for user learn how to distinguish the ribbon quality to ensure long printing life.

How to select ribbon

Generally the main element affect the ribbon quality is ribbon radicle, welding quality and printing ink. Hereinafter will show you how they work.

Ribbon radicle----generally it is made up of nylon and their quality will affect the ink adherence and penetration. Currently sales on the market is nylon 6 and nylon 66, the main difference of two materials is different percentage of chemical ingredient. Usually nylon66 has a high elasticity and long using life, there are four types—low density, middle density, high density and high density with twiddle. High density plays high performance. High-density ribbon has a smooth surface; good elasticity and high recover ability. For ensure long using life and good printing performance you do better chose the ribbon made of nylon 66 and with high density.

Printing ink

Good printing ink has a smaller granule and good fluidity, equality PH data, strong adherence and high humidity keeping ability. Bad printing ink will jam the nozzle with big granule and difficult to dry after dye. It is easy to distinguish the ink quality by touching the surface of ribbon. Bad ink feels a little wet and easy to leave dirty on your hand.

Welding jointer

Good ribbon has a smooth and slim welding jointer, low tolerance and light indurations. This kind of ribbon has a strong strength and high force resistance ability and act high performance. 


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